Thus, Stockinger safes have a home in the high nobilities’ residences as well as in the villas and yachts of top-athletes and film stars, businessmen’s penthouses, and private collectors’ lofts. Customers whom we value more than anything, but whom we would never talk about – discretion is sacred to us.

Safes that integrate perfectly into elegant private interiors and that were meant to free the valuable collections of passionate owners of jewelry, watches and art from grey safe deposit boxes and cellar safes.

Whenever Stockinger develops a new safe, we have a clear aim: To build the world’s best safe.

Uncompromising security; perfect craftsmanship; totally individual exterior and interior design. Masterpieces for people that are only satisfied by the best. 

Meisterwerke für Menschen, die sich mit nichts anderem zufriedengeben, als mit dem Besten.

So sind Stockinger Safes ebenso in den Residenzen des Hochadels zuhause, wie in den Villen und Yachten von Sport- und Filmstars, den Penthäusern von Unternehmern und den Lofts von privaten Sammlern. 

Today, more than 30 years later, this vision is as alive as before, and is mirrored in every detail of our safes.  



All over the world, demanding collectors entrust our safes with their most valuable pieces. And deservedly so.

Because thanks to their unique construction, armoring and the patented locking system, Stockinger safes fulfill the highest requirements. Stockinger safes are in Switzerland classified as SSV type “cash cabinet list II" or “safe list I”.

 The security classification of the insurance company association “Verband deutscher Sachversicherer” is VDS III or IV, based on EU norm 1143-1 and corresponds to that of banks.


The result: No Stockinger safe could ever be opened by force. And we will do anything to keep it that way

Multi-wall construction

Their multi-wall construction enables Stockinger safes to give maximum security at minimum weight.


For armoring, an ultra-hard mixture of special polymers, among others, is used, having one to six times the hardness of common armoring.

All-sides locking

A security-bolt mechanism will lock each Stockinger safe at every four sides. Trying to open the safe by force will permanently lock all bolts.



The patented Stocktronic locking system guarantees security and, at the same time, gives excellent operating comfort. Pressing the Stockinger logo at the upper part of the cabinet will have an “invisibly” arranged operating chest.

Independent of main power supply

An integrated battery system makes the locking system independent from the external power supply.


Silent alarm

Stockinger safes will not only give highest security to the objects kept inside the safe – but also to you personally. In a threatening situation, the input of a specific code at the Stocktronic control panel may send a “silent alarm” as emergency signal.  



More than 30 experts participate in the production of one Stockinger safe: Industrial and graphic designers, metal workers and varnishers, saddlers and sewers. All components are hand made in Germany or Switzerland. Whether you are passionate for watches, jewelry, art or objects of design: We will realize tailor-made matching safes of craftsman’s perfection.



Your style is unique. Why should you content yourself with an off-the-peg safe? Each safe leaving our manufacture is tailor made and corresponds on its entire esthetic exactly to the style and passion of its new owner.


A safe in the exact color of your darling car? No problem. Surface colors and structures, handles, fittings, applications – almost any wish can be fulfilled. Innumerable design variants can be realized in our manufacture. They all have in common the claim to craftsman’s perfection in their embodiment and finish. For example, incomparable color depth is generated by up to 18 layers of varnish – more than for a Steinway grand piano.


Our passion for detail is shown in the tailor-made interior:
Drawers of vaporized stainless steel contain bespoke inserts for e.g. jewelry, watches, documents, art or weapons. Bespoke watch winders control every single automatic watch individually, turning exactly pursuant to the respective model specifications.