Stockinger Manufacture

Specializing in safes
for over 45 years

When Hans Stockinger began manufacturing safes in Munich in 1978, he had a vision: His safes should not only take previous security standards to the next level, but also ring in a new era of aesthetic appeal. Safes bearing the Stockinger name should harmonize with any elegant interior, while providing owners of premium jewelry, watches or art with complete peace of mind over the security of their valuables.

Hans Stockinger’s aim was to build safes that were not only the most secure, but also the most beautiful. Today, over 45 years later, his vision is still reflected in every detail of a Stockinger safe, in their groundbreaking security, flawless craftsmanship and distinctive design.

Sirius on Plinth, White Matt, Stockinger Handle, Antique Brass



by a master’s hand

Over 30 experts are involved in the production of a Stockinger safe: Industrial and graphic designers, metalworkers, painters and finishers as well as leathercraft specialists. All the elements of our safes are produced in Germany or Switzerland. Whether your are passionate about watches, jewelry, art or design objects, we create bespoke safes tailored to your needs in handcrafted perfection.


Taking customization to
the highest standards

Everybody’s life story is different, and according to that, everybody has distinct and unique needs. At Stockinger, the individual personality of each customer serves as our inspiration and is the motivation for our work. Every safe that leaves our manufactory is created as one of a kind, with an aesthetic style that precisely captures the style and passion of its owner.
Stockinger Manufaktur Design


We are happy to serve as your partner in fulfilling your wishes. Our manufactory is able to produce countless different colors and textured finishes, handles, fittings and applications. All our work has a common theme: Our goal is to create products that show the highest level of crafts- manship in terms of design and finish.


Our passion for detail is also reflected in the handcrafted interiors of our products. Drawers finished in Stockinger Silver, Gold or Rose Gold contain tailored compartments for jewelry, watches, art or weapons. The finest watch winders move automatic watches in precise compliance with the model specifications.

Bespoke Handle “Aquamarine”

Security in its
most beautiful form
since 1978


As safe as your bank

Collectors all over the world entrust their exclusive jewelry, luxury watches or precious artwork to Stockinger safes, due to their unique secure construction, armoring and locking system. Our safes are produced in accordance with the security standards of the independent organization VdS (“Vertrauen durch Sicherheit,“ Trust Through Security), and can be supplied as VDS III, IV or V class models based on EU Standard 1143-1. In addition, our safes correspond to the security classification applied to banks. In Switzerland they are classified as SSV Type “List II” or “List I” safes or strongboxes.

Stocktronic operating panel

Stockinger Manufaktur Tresore Verriegelung

Detail of locking bolt

Independent of main power supply

All Stockinger safe locking systems have an integrated battery system and are independent of external power sources.

Silent alarm

Stockinger safes provide the ultimate security for your valuables – and for you. In critical situations, a silent alarm can be activated as an emergency signal.

All-sides locking

All Stockinger safes have a security bolt mechanism which locks the door on all four sides. These bolts lock permanently if an attempt is made to open the safe by force.

Stocktronic locking system

The Stocktronic locking system guarantees security plus outstanding ease and convenience of use. Press the Stockinger logo on the upper part of the safe to open a concealed operating panel.

Multi-wall structure

Stockinger safes are constructed with a multi-wall structure that provides maximum security while minimizing weight. Armoring includes the use of a special ultra-hard polymer compound (Rockwell hardness level 9).

Stockinger Manufacture

Excellence in quality
and design

We offer a wide range of products that fulfill a variety of customer needs and requirements, always with the same consistent high quality. Our safes are manufactured for private houses and yachts, for hotels and companies. Here is a selection of our most popular models:

Chimera on Plinth, Deep Sea Blue High Gloss, Imperial Handle, Stockinger Silver