The non plus ultra

Phoenix is the largest of all safe models from Stockinger. This safe was developed to offer premium protection for extensive collections of watches or jewelry. This imposing safe can house up to 70 pre- cision watch winders or an a variety of drawers and compartments to keep your valuables secure.

From 88.950€ net

Individual Design

  • Any RAL or automotive color in High Gloss (standard),
 Multicoloring (surcharge)
  • Silk Matt or Matt Finish (surcharge)
  • Handle (solid brass) in Stockinger Silver (standard), Stockinger Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum (surcharge)
  • Bespoke handle (surcharge)
  • Armored plinth (surcharge)
  • Interior metal in Stockinger Silver (standard), 
Stockinger Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum (surcharge)
    Stockinger Gold, Rose Gold sowie Platinum (Aufpreis)
  • Personalised engravings (initials, name, logo, etc.) on handle or inner door cover (surcharge)
  • Different drawer size options (6, 8, 10, 12, 14cm)
  • Drawer handles and fronts in various designs and materials like leather, wood or carbon (surcharge)
  • High quality jewelry inserts in Stockinger Suede (surcharge)
  • 14, 28, 42, 56 or up to 70 precision watch winders (surcharge)
  • LED lighting including optical sensor (standard)

Bespoke handles

Top-notch inserts for jewelry and watches

Technical Details

  • (HxWxD): 150 x 82 x 64 cm (+ 7cm handle)
  • Net weight: ca. 860 kg
  • Volume: ca. 353 litre
  • Door hinges: Ride side (standard), Left side (surcharge)
  • Electricity needed for LED lighting and/ or precision watch winders
  • Battery driven Stocktronic locking system

• Sicherheitsgrad: VDS III / EN 1143-1 zertifiziert (Standard), VDS IV oder VDS V KB / EN 1143-1 zertifiziert (Aufpreis)

• Elektronic locking system: Stocktronic (8-digit numeric code)

• Lock: PAXOS Advance, motor-drive mechanism with 100% redundancy

• TRYDTON© armored protection including corundum stones for door drill and diamond core drill protection

• All-round locking system: A security-bolt mechanism locks the safe on all four sides. Trying to open the safe by force will permanently lock all bolts

• Integrated interface for silent alarm / connection to the house alarm system

• Bolting holes (2) on safe floor