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The perfect safe for hotels, yachts and private residences

Like all our products, this elegant small-size luxury safe combines attractive modern design with maxi- mum security. The Talos is not only ideal for all designer hotels, but also for yachts or private resi- dences, where compact protection against snatch theft is required. The interior of the Talos is finished in finest Stockinger Faux Suede and offers ample space for documents, personal valuables and jewelry. It can also be fitted with precision watch winders for your own haute horlogerie, or that of your guests.

Ab 5.450€ zzgl. MwSt

Individual Design

  • Exterior Varnish: Black RAL 9005 (standard)

  • Sämtliche RAL Klassik- sowie Automobilfarben (Aufpreis)

  • Oberfläche: Feinstruktur Matt

  • Türfronten erhältlich in Stockinger Silber (Standard), Stockinger Gold, Rose Gold sowie Platinum (Aufpreis)

• Innentürabdeckung in Stockinger Silber (Standard), Stockinger Gold, Rose Gold sowie Platinum (Aufpreis)

• Personalisierte Gravuren (Initialen, Name, Logo, etc.) an der Innentürabdeckung (Aufpreis)

• Stockinger Suede auf Boden und Rückwand (Standard)

• Hochwertiger Schmuckeinsatz oder herausnehmbare Schublade in Stockinger Suede (Aufpreis)

• LED Beleutung inklusive optischem Sensor & 5V USB Ladegerät (Aufpreis)

• 3 Präzisionsuhrenbeweger (Aufpreis)

Technical Details

  • (HxWxD): 39,5 x 45 x 35 cm (+ 4cm key pad)
  • Net weight: ca. 40 kg
  • Door hinges: Ride side (standard), Left side (surcharge)
  • Safety level: Built according to VDMA safety level „A“ guidelines (not certified)

  • Electronic locking system: Primor 3200 with emergency key

  • Lock: CAWI Twin Lock, motor-drive mechanism with 100% redundancy

  • 1 master code for the hotel management

  • 4-digit security code, individually changeable by guest einstellbar

  • 2 bolt holes to secure the base upon request

  • Power supply via 9V monoblock battery (electronic locking system)